Rihanna spotted with rich African man weeks after rumored split from Arabian Prince, Hassan Jameel

Following the rumoured split between pop star Rihanna and her billionaire beau Hassan Jameel, eagle-eyed people have kept watch over the dating life of the singer.

Rihanna was recently spotted with a mystery black man whom MTO claims is a ‘wealthy African man’.

The singer and actress was seen leaving the ‘Scotch’ nightclub in Mayfair at 4:45am with a pair of sunglasses on and her hoodie up over her head. She seems to have enjoyed a very late night out with her crew after the premiere of ‘Ocean’s 8’ the day before in London.

Rihanna left holding a handbag with love hearts on and a unknown male companion was seen getting in to her car before the pair was chauffeur driven off in to the morning.

That unknown companion is being described by the local media as a “wealthy African man.”

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