“The devil’s real, the Illuminati is real“ – Popular American Rapper Says, Threatens Suicide

Tattooed-face rapper, Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis better known as Stitches has called out the Illuminati for trying to kill him after he refused their deal.

Popular American Rapper Threatens Suicide

The American rapper, who is best known for the song “Brick In Yo Face” and his beef with The Game, went on a social media rant yesterday, threatening to commit suicide over the daily threat to his life.

He said; “This is overwhelming, I’m dodging death every day. I’m tired of the paranoia”.

Stitches went further to write: “Today will be the last day anybody ever sees me again. I love you all”.

The Miami-born rapper also confirmed what most people have all along suspected; the Illuminati is real and controls the American entertainment industry.

See some of the troubling things he shared on his Snapchat…

Popular American Rapper Threatens Suicide