Nigerian lady electrocuted while charging her phone (Photos)

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Imaobong Ekanem on Facebook has been reportedly electrocuted by her phone while she was charging and fast asleep.

According to a Facebook user identified as Peter Prekings Chima, who shared the story, the lady left the phone on her bare body while sleeping.

It seemed like there was a power surge when the light was restored and she got electrocuted.

As shared by Peter (originally shared by Jeffrey Sidney):

‘R.I.P Dear Imaobong Ekanem

According to Jeffrey Sidney Wehere, She was Charging her phone and dropped it on her body and Slept off, NEPA took the Light and brought it back while she was Sleeping and it shocked her to death..

It’s Very Unfortunate’

Friends of the man that shared the story took to the comment section to pay condolences to the supposedly late lady and some warned against the use of mobile phones on the bed.

One of the friends wrote:

May her soul rest in peace.
Can Nigerians ever learn?, so many write ups on charging phones
~ keep it away from us when charging.
~ don’t use while charging (calling or receiving)
~~ don’t charge power banks near our beds.
~~ Always unplug when ever you want to use it
One happened on the day of election on Saturday. She had the power bank charging her phone and the time playing music with ear phone on. As the rain started, she ran to take shelter and the next sound was explosion, the power bank exploded and had one side of her body burnt but she is stable. The power bank came in touch with rain while charging the phone.
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