NDA cadets drop uniforms with Fulanimen, disappear –Residents

The Nigerian Army has said it will investigate an allegation that some cadets of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna State, sneak out of the camp and drop their uniforms with Fulani residents.

The army announced this on its Twitter handle on Wednesday while reacting to some aggrieved Nigerians who said such practice by the cadets had allegedly become common in the NDA.

One of the commentators, who gave her name only as Raliyah, said the danger of cadets dropping their uniforms with Fulani gatemen before sneaking out of the camp, could lead to hoodlums using the camouflage to perpetrate crimes.

Raliyah, who claimed to have seen the cadets on several occasions, said, “I noticed the happenings in the NDA which could be a big threat in the nearest future if something is not done about it. Cadets, who are meant to go out only when it is official, tend to sneak out of the premises. But this is not a problem.

“The issue is that they sneak out in their military uniform. They then go to some Fulani gatemen around the academy to change into casual wear. They leave behind their uniform, boots and so on with these Fulani men for as long as three days.

“My concern is how the cadets leave their military wear behind. Sooner or later, the uniform may be used to commit atrocities in society if they have not even started doing so. The rate of robbery, kidnapping and killings by uniformed men is alarming. We want the appropriate authorities to do something immediately.”

Another commentator, identified only as Musa, said, “This is absolutely correct. There are ways for the cadets to go out for days without the academy authorities knowing. Though checks can be conducted, there are ways to cover up even on parade. When they are caught, they are punished and even dismissed, but it happens.

“My boss and his driver, while they were coming from the airport after his flight was postponed, escaped being attacked by some Fulanimen in army uniform. The army should investigate this.”

The army, in its reaction, said necessary actions were being taken on the issue.

The army said, “Thanks for your concerns. Necessary actions are being taken as we speak. Issues of internal and national security are everyone’s interest. Once again, thank you for the intelligence.”