Gowon reveals biggest enemy of democracy in Nigeria

A former Military Head of State, Yakubu Gowon, has said poverty is the biggest enemy of democracy in Nigeria.

Gowon stated this on Wednesday, while speaking at an event organised by the House of Justice in Kaduna.

The former head of state, who was represented by Jerry Gana, a former Minister of Information, said creation of jobs was very important for the stability of the country.

“If we want our democracy to be durable and ensure a just an peaceful nation, we must generate jobs for the unemployment,” he said.

“The issue of politics without principles is becoming worrisome, where the highest bidder have takes whatever is on the table. That cannot be the way of politics.

“No nation can ever build a society where the consideration is not in terms of value, principles or ideals, but to share money.

“If we want to build a nation of justice and peace, it cannot be on the basis of the highest bidder. We must reject poverty. This rejection of poverty is legitimate. Millions of Nigerians are poor.

“The biggest enemy of democracy is poverty. When people are poor, when people are reduced to destitute, then a little money can change their minds. Therefore, the freedom of choice in a democracy is taken away by those who control the resources,”‎ he added.