“Women should be submissive and accept their divine status as helpmates ” – Ex Beauty Queen

A former beauty queen, Beauty Istifanus, has said that the issue of domestic violence have continued to be on the increase because more women have refused to submit to their men.

Miss Beauty said this while in her interview with Vanguardngr, the former Miss Ambassador for Peace and ex-beauty queen, disclosed that women should accept their divine status as helpmates and be submissive to the male folk at all times.

The Kaduna State-born damsel who recently condemned gender equality on social media said she is still unapologetic about her opinion, and maintained that women should stop craving for equal rights and privileges with their male counterparts.

She said;

“Gender equality is not possible in this part of the world because men are superior to women. This is my own opinion and I’m unapologetic about it,” she said, adding that most women are not submissive which is why their husbands turn them to punching bags.

“The major cause of domestic violence in homes today is the unwillingness of the wife to be submissive to her husband, thereby bringing friction between them. My advice to women is that they should be submissive to their husbands and in return they will be respected”