“I had sores on my gum the first day I kissed my new boyfriend”

A Lady has written to a Facebook Group on the predicament she’s currently facing in her new relationship.

The Lady, identified as Ulonna revealed she kissed her guy on the first day, and she noticed she had sores all over her gums.. Ulonna felt it was just a mere conincidence, and they kissed again days later, but the sores reappeared, and now, she’s left wondering WTF happened.

Hear her;

“Please help me ooo.. I just started dating this guy, first day we kissed, I got home and noticed I had sores all over my gums, I thought it was a mere coincidence until yeterday, I saw him again yesterday and we kissed again, got back home with sores again, as I’m typing now, my gum hurts, I couldn’t even brush this morning.”

“Please what’s the cause? Only kiss and I’m having sore, we have not even chop cassava oo.. I’m thinking of breaking off the relationship before it gets very serious.”