Cardi B Finally Reveals Reasons Why She Hasn’t Dumped Offset Even Though He Cheated On Her

It is no longer news that series of sex tape involving Offset and his alleged side-chicks leaked and has been shared widely across social media.

Following these scandals, Cardi B’s fans have been begging her to ditch the Migos rapper…

One of her fan commented on her IG post;

Your fiance cheating… Time to turn Offset off and her other fans followed suit in the advise.

See some comments;

Well, Cardi B has revealed that she’s sticking with her fiance, Migos’ Offset, even though he apparently cheated on her.

According to the rapper, although its not right for a man to cheat on his woman, it’s the same cycle in every relationship and there’s no need for her to start a new one because of unfaithfulness!