She was in her Period, and she allowed me go in raw — Tensed Man cries out

A Nigerian man has shared his experience with online relationship adviser Joro Olumofin, on how he got hooked with this lady and he claimed she made him have sex with her even when she was on her period.

See full text and screenshots below;

Blood of God and Jesus is upon me. Joro you were the first that came to mind when this happened to me. I am so weak, i don’t even know what to do. Please share on your blog let guys beware. I thank God i do my prayers before and after sex. It may sound weird, my personal thing.

I’ve been wording up with this girl via IG. I met her through some friends. We reconnect and started wording. She came in from UK. We link up at my place, it was cool, Good sex whicham beginning to question my future in life but God got me.

Please Joro see the conversation of this fe4tish witches fit the love of God! The materialism vomits me, Counting my car and place? I pity our future for our men. i walked her out of my place and threw her things out at 11pm i don’t give a f**k if baddoo carries her. She was behaving suspect when she went out to meet her friend. Which i uncover from the message bro. I grab her phone and ran into the rest room.

I then capture this chat with my phone, so people can see. she has been calling me. I block her from this lifetime. Not wording with her no more. Am beginning a fasting and prayers. DOn’t know why all these.

She was ovulation and she still ask me to dive in raw? I don’t write much normally but am in pain and my heart is beating. Nothing can harm me. My mothers prayers have covered me. No oils will work on me. No powder, no cooked chicken, nothing.

Below are screenshot of the conversation the girl had with her friend, captured by the guy.