Transfer news: Alexis Sanchez eligible to play in Champions League for Manchester United

Alexis Sanchez will be eligible to play for Manchester United in the Champions League, if he completes his move from Arsenal, as widely expected.

Sanchez has agreed a deal with United and the only delay in finalizing it, is Henrikh Mkhitaryan moving the other way.

Amid his transfer speculation, there has been questions on whether he will be able to play in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

UEFA Champions League regulations allow clubs to register one player for the knockout rounds “who has been fielded in a UEFA club competition group stage match for another club in the current season” provided that player has not already played “in the same competition for another club,” or for “another club that is currently in the same competition.”

Sanchez passes in each case, he has only played in the Europa League. The Gunners did not qualify for the Champions League.

Had Manchester United dropped into the Europa League, joining Arsenal, then Sanchez would not have been eligible to play for the Red Devils in that competition.