Jonathan’s aide, Omokri reacts to appointment of dead people by Buhari

Former aide to ex president Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to appearance of dead people in latest appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Reno Omokri said Buhari is to be blamed for the high rate of unemployment reported by NBS after giving jobs to dead people.

In his tweets, he wrote “If you don’t know your age. If you don’t know that your own Vice President is Osinbajo, not Osinbade. If you don’t know that there is no nation called West Germany. How will you know that the people you appointed are dead, not living?

“In short I am tired of Nigerians! You asked the man to stop marginalizing the 5% in favour of the 97% and to be fair to all. Now he has decided to be fair to both the living and the dead and the same Nigerians are complaining. Who can satisfy Nigerians!

“Recently we learnt from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics that 10 million Nigerians have lost their jobs under Buhari. We never knew it was because he was giving their jobs to the dead!”