#EndSARS: If you want to report a SARS officer, here are the numbers

SARS is trending again for all the wrong reasons. Here are the numbers to call if a police officer extorts you.

The Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has been in the news for all the wrong reasons since forever.

A social media campaign with the hashtag #EndSARS went viral in December of 2017. The hashtag provided an avenue for young Nigerians to table their complaints against a police unit that has become famous for its brutality, extortion and profiling.

The social media campaign would morph into street marches across Nigeria.

Police boss Ibrahim Idris promised reforms after the social media campaign, but Nigerians say the promised reforms haven’t changed a thing about SARS and its modus operandi.

More and more people have been using the #EndSARS hashtag recently to detail coercion and brutality at the hands of a police unit that was formed to specifically deal with armed robbers.

Through its Twitter handle @PoliceNG, the Nigeria police has just made public a few numbers for complaints bordering on the excesses of SARS operatives.

According to the police, “aggrieved members of the public who have any complaint in the past or present of violation of their rights by any Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) personnel anywhere in the country should report through any of the following channels for investigation and further actions”.

The numbers provided by the police are: IGP X-SQUAD 0902 690 0729, 08078662130, 08174041000 – CALLS 0903 227 8905 – SMS 0903 562 1377 – whatsapp Email: integrityxsquad@gmail.com

IGP MONITORING UNIT igpmonitoringabj@yahoo.com 08036242591.

FORCE PUBLIC COMPLAINT BUREAU 07056792065 Calls/SMS/whatsapp 08088450152 Calls/SMS/whatsapp Email: bailisfree@gmail.com, pressforabuja@gmail.com Twitter: @PoliceNG

PUBLIC COMPLAINT RAPID RESPONSE UNIT (PCRRU) 08057000001 – Calls Only 08057000002 – Calls Only 08057000003 – SMS & whatsapp only Twitter: @PoliceNG_PCRRU http://www.facebook.com/PolicePCRRU .