Fresh PDP: Founding member, Chief Duru speaks on party’s emergence

A member of the newly formed parallel Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, known as “Fresh PDP” has spoken on the emergence of the faction. reported yesterday that a group made up of about five men ‘opened’ a parallel secretariat for the PDP in Abuja.

An aggrieved aspirant for the office of the National Organising Secretary (NOS), Dr. Godwin Duru blamed purported unity list at the election which had his name removed as the reason for his action.

Chief Duru stressed that the neglect of their complaints by the reconciliation committee after the convention was also to be blamed for the emergence of the new fraction.

He told Channels Tv “After the convention, I called some of the party hierarchy to register my disgust over the outcome of the election and processes but all of them refused to pick my calls.

“They felt we are not important; the only people they recognised were the chairmanship aspirants.

“We also went through processes of screening like the chairmanship aspirants; their reconciliation committee is only to the chairmanship aspirants and not to us in other positions, because they felt we are not important having dealt with us. ‎

“The PDP election was never an election, it was a fraud, my name was removed from the ballot and not even on the purported unity list.

“Unity list means all the aspirants have come together to agree on the people that will be represented but in this case nobody notified or consulted me on people compiled in the list.

“You can have a list but a list with PDP logo is wrong and all activities on Dec 9th went in same line with the list.

“Most people on the unity list did not campaign or buy form, were not screened but came up to become winners.” ‎

When asked on legality of the party which had no governor or INEC presence, Chief Duru said they were all co founders of PDP therefore had the right to take the decision without the aforementioned.

He added “It is not anonymity, every member of party with legal standing has right to correct or air his views about the anomalies of the party.

“Nobody is above each other, we are all equal founders of the party so we have right to take our decision.”