Women with bleached skin, stretch marks stopped from recruiting at Ghana Immigration Services

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) says all ladies who have stretch marks, bleached skins and surgery cuts will be automatically dismissed from their recruitment program, BBC reports.

The agency’s spokesman Michael Amoako-Attah said the selection criteria was necessary to ensure the staff’s safety and wellbeing:

“If you have bleached skin or surgical marks on your body during training exercises you may incur some bleeding and that wouldn’t help or augur well for the safety of the applicant because we have seen it before and as much as possible we should avoid re-occurrence.”

Men with dreadlocks will also be excluded.

47,477 of the 84,637 who applied have been shortlisted for the second stage with only 500 job openings.

The GIS recruitment process has come under scrutiny from social media users. Here are some of the reactions: