Woman stabs man on subway after he masturbated in front of her

A Brooklyn woman turned the tables on a serial subway masturbator early Friday, stabbing the sicko with his own switchblade during a wild brawl aboard the R train.

Suspect ,Reggie Frank suffered wounds to the chest and arm after targeting the tired woman as she headed home to Brooklyn after a long night at work, cops and family members said.

The 42-year-old victim escaped unharmed, although she was physically and emotionally wiped out after gaining the upper hand against her assailant.

According to Daily News ,the terrifying encounter began when the victim fell asleep aboard the Bay Ridge-bound subway — and awoke to find the 47-year-old man masturbating in front of her, police said.

When the woman screamed, Frank zapped her in the face with pepper spray and pulled the deadly folding knife from his pocket, cops said.

He lunged at her with the blade when the train stopped at the 36th St. station in Sunset Park around 2 a.m., with the woman dodging the knife as she fought for her life.

Their tussle spilled onto the platform, where she gained control of the weapon and stabbed Frank in the arm and chest, cops said. She also suffered cuts to her hands that required 15 stitches.

During Frank’s arraignment, his lawyer, William O. Fowlkes, assured the court that it was the woman, not his client, who was the aggressor.