Nigerian man insults every woman on earth, calls his mother foolish

A Nigerian man identified as Gran Ville on Facebook has taken to the platform to declare all women on earth ‘Foolish’ including his mother.

His post has since gone viral with many Nigerians hurling curses at him, some made jokes.

“We don’t care…no be we tell your mama make she foolish”, One commenter wrote

Another user wrote; “I don’t have a problem if you have a foolish mum… But stop involving other valuable mums and women out there”

One user cursed him out and wished death on him;

“i dnt blame him for this post, i blame you people for not ignoring it, he is a fame seeking nematode, death shall catch up with him soon….you people don’t know that when u see post’s like this, you are meant to ignore it, the same way his destiny ignored him….But as of this moment, Gran Ville:
1. As you have insulted the females of this earth, your future shall dribble you to death.
2. You shall drown your own feckless paramount foolishness.
3. As you continue to seek for fame, aeroplanes shall crash over your dad’s baldhead.

I hope, with these few points of mine, you all hav been convinced and not confused that Gran Ville shall not live to see 5:00pm today.”

In which he simply replied; “Thunder fire you, is it your mother?”