“My Face is Burning” – Human Ken Doll who’s had over 60 plastic surgeries, shows off peeling face

Rodrigo Alves who is known worldwide as the Human Ken Doll, and recently revealed that his plans to remove his ribs had been scuppered as doctors feared his lungs would collapse, has once again, booked himself in for another procedure as he showed-off the results of a chemical peel.

Human Ken Dol – Before & After

The 34-year-old TV personality who was captured on camera as he stepped out in Marbella on Tuesday, was involved in a chemical peel involves applying an acid-containing lotion to the face, letting it soak through and then peeling off the old skin to reveal fresh new skin in its place.

While speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Rodrigo said: ‘It was fairly painful, and my face looks red now. It feels like burning! Here in Marbella is very sunny and I can’t go out for the next few days unless I have a lot of sun protection!

‘In 2018, I’m turning 35 and my quest has never been to look perfect but to look ageless. Due to the lights from the TV studios and the make-up, my skin has been looking rough, but this treatment will make my skin look finer and younger.’

The procedure involves donning a face cream that burns the skin as he explained: ‘I would never let myself go and no one will ever see any wrinkle on my face’

He added: ‘I would never let myself go and no one will ever see any wrinkle on my face. Some men think that only going to the gym and looking muscular is enough. I believe that men should also look after their faces with night cream and make-up just like I do. Taking pride in your appearance is loving yourself.’

Earlier this month Rodrigo revealed plans to have six ribs removed in what would be his landmark 60th cosmetic procedure. But he was left left frustrated after surgeons refused to perform the full procedure over fears it would compromise his lungs.

Instead, a top Hollywood surgeon will remove four floating ribs in a £28k procedure slated to take place next month to give the distinguished jet-setter, who has spent an estimated £400,000 on plastic surgeries, an ‘elegant and classic figure.’

The fashion-forward star said he was motivated to go under the knife once more so he would feel more confident in his couture blazers, and because he felt his hunky physique had become ‘shapeless and big’.

Despite his extensive catalogue of procedures, the socialite admitted to nerves ahead of the operation, which he says has been favoured by many celebs, but said he was looking forward to not ‘bursting out of his slim-fit blazers.’

He said: ‘It will be my surgery number 60 between countless procedures but I’m nervous yes because this is not a plastic surgery where skin or fat will be removed, we are talking about my floating ribs,