Man dies from heart attack while watching strippers at a club

Man dies from heart attack

An unidentified man of about sixty years of age, has reportedly dropped dead while waching strippers in a club.

According to reports, the man was enjoying the view, next to the stage and was waving around a foam police baton toy before he fell face first onto the tiled floor and remained motionless.

It was gathered that the appropriate authorities were invited to the scene and discovered that he had died from a heart attack.

A statement was received from witnesses who were shocked at the outcome of things as some said they initially assumed he was just having a seizure, while others said he didn’t look helpless before he slumped.

All efforts to resuscitate him proved abortive as his body as moved to the hospital for an autopsy.

‘The man was like everybody else. He was just sitting next to the stage. He was enjoying himself. There was a toy, like a police baton. He was playing with it and then… his head stopped. He fell forwards and his face hit the ground.

At that moment, we thought it was just out of excitement, but he laid still for a moment before we realised there was trouble and everyone got scared and some of the girls screamed’, an eyewitness said.