“Just Because He Hit Me And I Fainted” – Nigerian Lady Sends Her Sister Packing For Advising Her To Divorce Her Abusive Husband

A Nigerian Lady identified as BlessBen has taken to social media to reveal the drastic action she took against her sister who advised her to divorce her husband over domestic violence.

According to a post she shared on Facebook, Her sister had told her to divorce her abusive husband who beat her till she fainted, but she says it isn’t an issue at all and can’t just throw her marriage away like that.
She further revealed she sent her sister packing out of her house after the incident.

Read her post below:

“Imagine my own blood sis dat is supposed 2 encourage me in marriage telling me to divorce my husby just because he hit me and i fainted. Some people take things way too serious. So bec she’s not married i should just throw my marriage away over little issue.

Afterall marriage is for beta for worse. I have already sent her packing out of my house, I can’t be housing som1 who wants my marriage dead. Make she go rent her own house.”