“I am a former cultist, my school declared me wanted.. I’m in my final year” — Nigerian Guy needs advise

A Nigerian Guy who says is a former cultist, has written on popular Forum, Nairaland to seek for advise to fix the mess he is currently entangled in.

“I am in serious soup since I fell out with my lecturer. I thought the good days would last. now I am a wanted man by the school authority.”

“I used to be his favorite student. until we quarreled about money he was owing me.”

“Few days ago some boys went to his home and butchered him with a knife. although he is still alive but he fingered me for it. as a former cultist myself, I use my influence to protect him. he wasn’t under my umbrella anymore and became venerable.”

“He was stabbed when he came out to see why the generator suddenly turned off. he was bent to repair the generator when somebody stabbed him from behind. what should I do. its my final year.”