How 34-yr-old Serial R*pist Lured Primary 6 Pupil With Custard, Milk

One Rotimi Abomini has been arrested for allegedly poking his finger into the private part of a primary six pupil in Bariga, Lagos State.

Abomini is a serial r*pist who had lured several other young girls with different tricks and made love with them. The suspect, from Ondo State, also threatened to kill them if they report to their parents.

According to the victim’s mother, her 11-year-old daughter told her that when she was returning from school, Abomini called her and her friend to come and take custard and milk. .

She said:

“It was when the suspect was arrested that I got to know that my daughter’s friend had been going to Abomini’s room to collect custard and milk and thereafter the man would make love to the girl.

My daughter said immediately they entered the suspect’s room, her friend went out and left her in the room after collecting the custard and milk. She also made attempt to leave when the suspect asked her to wait and have sex with her before he could give her custard and milk.

My daughter said she refused the advances from him and told him that I would kill her. Abomini then told her to wait that nobody will know what transpired between them. .

She said Abomini told her not to be afraid that he had done it several times with her friend, saying that that was why she used to come to his apartment to take custard and milk while returning from school.” .

The victim’s mother, however, said when she did not see her daughter on time, she started calling her name. She added:

“Immediately Abomini heard my voice, he hurriedly carried my daughter and threw her out through the window.

Abomini however denied sleeping with the girl, but only poked his finger into her private part. He said he also try to use his penis to penetrate her, but could not pass through.