“Help, my boyfriend cries after sex”

Sometimes what we read on social media makes one wonder, if these stories are real or not, are they’re just baked for engagement and whats not.

Lemme burst your head.. They are real.. Just pray they don’t happen to you..

A lady has written to relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin complaining about her boyfriend who cries while having an org asm., and continues his tears thereafter.

The anonymous lady also revealed that she one day confronted him, and he told her he always feels emotional after intimacy.

According to the worried lady, she later spent a whole night on google research and found out that her man is suffering from an emotional and psychological problem.

Despite the fact, her sister told her it’s because her kitty game is so strong, but she’s still not convinced and does know how to handle the situation anymore.

Read her:

“Good afternoon Joro, Great work you’re doing. I started dating this cool guy October last year. He’s nice and all. But my issue is this. He cries after sex. Immediately he released sperm like this, he will start crying.

Not weeping but tears will drop. At first I used to think it was cute, but later it got annoying. I asked him that did he use to cry with his ex’s too? He said only one. That immediately he comes he feels emotional.

I spend through out last night on google, checking this and found that he has an emotionally psychologically problem. I’m writing you Joro because of your Psychology degree and background. It is annoying to me.I don’t know how to Handle this ? My sister said my p***y game is strong that’s why. But seriously can anyone relate? How can he stop? Should I be happy?”