30-Year-Old Woman Who Makes Money By Pretending To Be Blind Caught In Ondo State (Photo)

A woman who makes money by pretending to be blind has been arrested by officials of the Ondo state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.

Officials of the Ondo state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development have arrested a 30-year-old woman who pretends to be blind in order to receive alms from unsuspecting members of the public. She was arrested alongside her son.

According to a report by OrangeFM, Chinyere Onuara, who claimed to be a widow and mother of five, was nabbed in front of a commercial bank in Akure where she had been plying her trade for weeks.

She was apprehended with her 4 year old son, Chidibere, whose condition actually attracted the attention of the ministry officials directed to rescue her and provide help.

During interrogation, Chinyere claimed to have left Ebonyi for Akure, few weeks ago, to assist a blind friend to collect arms but the deal did not sail through on getting there.

She said the blind friend opted for another person, which made her decide to disguise as a blind beggar and that she was making at least N1,000 daily.

Chinyere expressed regret over her action and said it was to raise money to start a trade, upon the recent demise of her husband after he was allegedly poisoned. She appealed to the state government to empower her, rather than punish her.

The Director of Social Welfare in the Ministry, Sola Aladesuyi, revealed that the ministry will contact her Ebonyi counterpart to verify Chinyere’s claims to be sure she is not a security risk to the state, before she is sent back.