Our ‘assets’, a blessing and curse –Women with large boobs and bums

Adedoyin Ajayi is a young lady full of life. A small-scale business woman, her job allows her to interact with persons from diverse backgrounds on a daily basis. Though she operates from the Ikosi area of Lagos, the 28-year-old constantly moves to different parts of the city to carry out transactions. But despite her frequent interactions with people, Ajayi likes to stay away from the limelight. Even though a very friendly person, certain elements have contributed to making her uncomfortable around strangers these days.

“I feel very uncomfortable with the stares I get from people, especially men whenever I am walking on the road,” the young woman said, her face growing pale. “Once I emerge, people look at me as if they had seen a ‘ghost’. Some, especially the men, even follow me about just to feed their eyes the more. It is a big problem for me,” she added.

Endowed with large breasts and big buttocks, Ajayi’s ‘heavenly assets’ are increasingly proving to be one of her biggest problems today. At only 28, what the Oyo State-born lady ‘carries’, can perhaps be imagined on most women two times her age, who after several child births would have added more flesh in these ‘critical’ regions. Besides the leg-crumbling stares she gets from people, the attention from men – old and young – has become a major source of concern for her.

“Sometimes I feel as if I had committed a big crime by having large buttocks and boobs,” Ajayi cut in sharply during an encounter with our correspondent at a popular drinking joint around her neighbourhood earlier in the week. “There is nowhere I go to that people don’t make me feel uncomfortable with their stares. As a matter of fact, I have had to cancel some movements simply because I want to save myself the emotional burden that comes with this problem. On several occasions, I have had to take a cab to certain places just to avoid being harassed by people, especially the men for my endowments.

“Apart from the kind of looks I get from people, the disturbance I get from men asking me out is enough for me to remain permanently indoors. A lot of times, when people like these can’t get my contact, they go to look for me on Facebook to see if they search with my name maybe they can find me. But because I changed the spelling of my name on that platform, it is difficult for them to find me. I know this because some men who disturb me a lot confess to me that they went to find me on Facebook.

“Though I can handle the situation better now than I used to some years back, I still find it hard to cope with the different names men call me as a result of my big bum and breasts. Many of them promise me all sorts of things but because I know they are only lusting after my body, I don’t give them a chance. This issue is a big problem for me,” she said.

But while having a big ‘front’ and ‘rear’ is a serious problem for Ajayi going by the unwarranted attention these natural ‘elements’ attract to her, for Nollywood star – Foluke Daramola-Salako – her big boobs have been a huge source of blessing.

Known for her mastery interpretation of roles among movie fans, the Obafemi Awolowo University graduate to some men, is a delight because of her big boobs. Soft-spoken and quick to flash a smile, the mother of two told said that though she used to be shy of her ‘assets’ as a growing girl, she learnt to overcome the issue after reading several literatures.

“When I was much younger, I would always wear thick and big clothes to cover my big breasts because I was really shy about it especially as a result of the way guys used to taunt me and call me all sorts of names like ‘milk factory’.

“But as I grew older and started reading some books, my understanding opened and I began to appreciate myself the more. I began to see my big boobs as blessing, rather than problem that I used to consider them to be before.

“The first attraction for most men who come across me is usually sexual. They see my big boobs and are moved immediately. But as a person, I would never go out with any man because they are attracted to my boobs because I know that it is too ordinary.

“As far as I’m concerned, women should stop seeing these ‘assets’ as a problem but take them as blessing. It is only by so doing that they’ll know how to carry themselves better. They should carry themselves well and not be ashamed,” she said.

But even though having big boobs has been a blessing for the screen diva, owning such huge ‘asset’ has come with its own troubles, too, Daramola-Salako revealed. She told said that on several occasions she’s had to go the extra mile to address some of the related challenges.

“Finding the right size of bra is one big challenge that people like us have to deal with all the time,” she said during a chat with our correspondent earlier in the week. “It’s a big challenge because a lot of times I have had to travel abroad to source for the right size of bra which can be very expensive. While other women can buy theirs for around N15, 000, I’ll have to spend as much as N45, 000 to get at least one. As a young girl, I’ve had to go to ‘bend down boutiques’ on several occasions to buy bra because I couldn’t find my size in shops that stock new items. After buying such, I’d soak in hot water, wash, before wearing.

“However, nowadays I have to travel abroad whenever I need new sets of bras to get good ones. It is not as if there are no locally-made ones, the truth is that they can’t last for more than one week for people like us. This is one of the areas we can say having big breasts can be a source of concern at times,” the star actress added.

Another screen diva – Anita Joseph – in a chat admitted that indeed having a massive ‘behind’ has attracted all sorts of attention to her. Though grateful to God for such ‘interesting gift’, the actress said that the stare she gets from men, sometimes scares her.

“When it comes to my body, it has not been easy with the advances I get from men because of my bum. It has not been easy at all. It makes me wonder if it is a problem having a big bum or a killer figure.

“I can’t even think of adding weight because if I do, my bum would become massive. People pay to make their bum big but God gave me this one for free. Even though the attention has been crazy, I am not thinking of reducing my bum because doing so would be mocking God’s work,” she said.

Though not in proportionate quantity, Torera Abiodun’s ‘endowment’ is capable of making men drool. Fitted with a waist that leaves other women green with envy, the 35-year-old has lived the better part of her adult life enduring all sorts of attention – good and bad – from men of all ages and sizes. A mother of two, she said that her ‘unusual’ bum has been a mixed bag for her – blessing and problem at the same time.

“I cannot count how many times I have had to shift certain appointments to like 7:30pm just because I want the night to at least shield me from preying eyes,” she began. “Even at 35 and after two children, it has not been easy moving about with the type of bum God has given me because once naughty men sight me, they’ll never take their eyes off me. I don’t own a car yet and can’t afford to always take a cab to all the places that I need to go. It’s even worse because many times commercial motorcyclists refuse to carry me as a result of my bum. So, I am forced to walk short distances even when it is not totally convenient for me to do so.

“But then I take solace in the fact that some of the guys who as a result of my bum come close to me, have been able to assist me in several ways after developing friendship with them. Though most of them come with the intention of just having a feel of my body, they are forced to abandon that idea after realising that I am not that type of woman. Sometimes the temptation is strong but God has helped me stay clean. I am sure I wouldn’t have been experiencing this sort of thing if I didn’t have a big bum,” Abiodun said.

While being heavily ‘endowed’ has caused some women more troubles than gains considering the way others relate with them, a handful of men interacted with by NationReformer.com said that they look at ladies in this category because such ‘assets’  turn them on.

According to Amadi Okafor, a dealer in electronic home appliances, the true beauty of a woman to him is in her ‘behind’. He said that while he prefers a normal ‘front’ in a woman, he would do anything to get one with a big bum as that is what makes such a person interesting to have around.

“The bum of a woman is like the foundation and pillars of a building as far as I am concerned,” he said. “It is on it that every other thing rests. While I am not really particular about the size of the breast, what lies behind is a source of interest for me because that is what people will see and appreciate in you as a woman. For me as a person, that is the most important physical feature I look out for in a woman,” the 33-year-old man added.

Interesting as Okafor’s perspective sounds, such thinking is not found only among men of his calibre but also those a little higher on the social ladder. For example, two professionals – Jide Oladeinde and Osaro Joseph – lawyer and pharmacist respectively, said that as much as they look out for character and other vital elements in picking a lady to date, big breast and buttocks are major criteria they also consider in doing so.

According to the two young men, who said they love to “feel a lot of flesh” when touching a lady, it is in seeing such eye-popping attributes that they’ll feel proud to flaunt their women among friends and family.

“For me, I’ll be proud to show a lady who is well endowed to my friends and family members than a ‘good’ girl who really has ‘nothing’.

“As a man, I do all I can to always find happiness. I know the kind of woman that would fit my taste and that’s why I don’t even look at those ones who fall below my rating no matter how close they come to me. It just gives me pride to watch my woman flaunt those things before me,” Oladeinde said.

Echoing the former’s thoughts, Joseph, based in Benin, Edo State, explained that apart from also making him feel proud among peers and relatives, he prefers heavily-endowed women for their interesting personality and friendly disposition.

“On my own, I’ve come to notice that those women with big breasts and buttocks are friendlier and interesting to be around with. This is not to say the others are not good but this is my observation and that is why I always pick interest in them.

“Also, in terms of physical structure, they are more appealing to the eyes than other category of women. My present girlfriend is really blessed in this regard, if she behaves in the ways that I want, I won’t waste time in proposing to her soon because I am really happy with her. I just love everything I see around her,” he said.