Man cuts off cousin’s manhood in Niger

A man, Aliyu Mohammed, has cut off the manhood of his 12-year-old cousin, Farouk Ibrahim, for unknown reasons.

The incident happened in the Babana area of the Borgu Local Government Area of Niger State.

It was learnt that Ibrahim was on his way to the farm to deliver food to his siblings, when Mohammed pounced on him.

Mohammed, it was learnt, strangled Ibrahim and cut off his penis after the latter had become unconscious.

Northern City News gathered that Ibrahim, who was left in the pool of his own blood, regained consciousness nine hours later and managed to go home where he narrated his ordeal to his parents.

He was subsequently rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Ibrahim explained to our correspondent on Thursday that Mohammed attacked him at about 6am.

“I did not know what was happening; I woke up in the afternoon and was feeling pains in my manhood. When I looked down, I saw I was bleeding and my manhood had been cut off.

“I had to gather some strength and struggled to get home. I walked and in some places, I had to rest because the pain was much. I never knew one could feel such pain and survive, the pain was excruciating,” he narrated.

The victim’s uncle, Usman  Aliyu, explained that the incident took place late December, adding that Ibrahim was taken to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, where a surgery was carried out and a catheter was inserted to enable him to urinate.

He asked for assistance from government and individuals to enable Ibrahim to undergo a comprehensive surgery so that he could have a functional manhood.

Aliyu told Northern City News that Mohammed had been arrested  by the police, and had made confessional statement to investigators about the incident.

He added that Mohammed had also taken the police to the scene of the crime but had yet to give any reason for the violent attack on his cousin.

Usman said that the cost of buying antibiotics for the victim and replacing the catheter every month, coupled with the expenses of transporting him from New Bussa to the hospital where the catheter was changed was gradually taking a toll on the finances of the family.

He appealed for assistance from the state government and individuals.

The Head of Surgery, General Hospital, Minna, Dr. Adamu Bala, who examined Ibrahim, said although the teaching hospital tried to save the situation, Farouk might never have a functional manhood unless he went for an elaborate plastic surgery which is not available in Nigeria.

He said, “I reviewed the case of the boy. His penis was amputated and he was taken to the teaching hospital in Ilorin, they were able to save the situation at that moment.

“They were able to do some kind of plastic surgery to stop the bleeding and they inserted a catheter so that the boy would be able to pass urine. The only unfortunate part was that the amputated part was not seen and could not be sutured back.”

He added, “The situation is really sad because for this guy to have a functional penis, he will need an elaborate plastic surgery, the kind which I do not think we can do here in the country; he will have to be taken abroad where he would be assessed and examined to see how they can fashion a functional penis for him.”

The surgeon said the victim was undergoing psychological and physical trauma as a result of the attack, adding that the family would need assistance from the government and individuals to raise the money for the surgery.

“Right now, there is the psychological and physical disturbance that the young boy is going through. Before now, he would have experienced erection but no, it cannot happen again. Before the incident, he was passing urine normally but now, he is passing urine through a pipe which is very abnormal and can be depressing. He needs urgent help,” Bala said.

The Niger State Police Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Abubakar, confirmed the incident, saying the matter had been charged to court.