Man allegedly axes wife in presence of eight-year-old daughter

A man, known as Tapiwa Chinyama, allegedly axed his wife to death in the presence of their eight-year-old daughter following an argument between them.

Chinyama who was now charged with murder in a magistrates’ court was neither asked to plead nor advised to apply for bail.

On January 8, the court heard that Chinyama had a misunderstanding with his wife at their residence, resulting in the deceased packing her bags.

After the deceased took her belongings and their eight-year-old daughter and left the house, the visibly angry Chinyama armed himself with an axe and caught up with them along the road.

He hit his wife twice in the head with the axe, killed her instantly, left the weapon on the scene and disappeared into the bush.

The daughter ran to the nearby village where she informed people about the incident and a report was made to the police, leading to the arrest of the accused.