Wizkid’s first baby mama shares side by side photos of herself and son

Afro-pop star, Wizkid’s baby mama, Sola Ogudu took to her Instagram page to prove that their son, the singer’s first child, Boluwatife takes after her.

Posting side-by-side childhood photos of herself and the 6 year old, one can see the striking resemblance between the both of them. She wrote alongside the photo,

Throwback at it’s FINEST!!!!!!!! #Mommy’n’Me
Mum @5 and my Sweetest Boy @5
#Doppleganger???? #ClassicThrowBackAIYE???????????????? #LoveIt
Boluwatife Omo Mummy ????Czar and Czarina

Sometime ago, Sola revealed how she deals with having to cope with Wizkid having babies by other women, and then flaunts them on social media.

One of Sola’s followers needed advise from her on how she manages to remain strong, seeing her baby daddy, Wizkid having babies by other women, and flaunting them on social media.

The follower wrote to her via DM;

“Hi Mama Tife, following you all the way from Kenya. How do you do it??? How do you manage to stay so strong in the midst of all these trials. How do you watch your **** move on, have children with other women, fall in love with other women and flaunt them allover social media?

I need strength, its happening to me right now. What a strong woman you are, May God continue blessing you and Tiffe. Please talk to me, I need strength to move on and take care of my son.”

… and she responded as thus,

“Hi Celine

First off, I’d like to say I’m sorry you have to deal with whatever you’re dealing with.. I pray God takes control of your situation.

Secondly, I love myself too much to let anything or anyone get to me lol. Overtime, I have come to a realization that no matter how much good you do in life, there are some people that’ll still treat you badly or have something negative to say about you (And that’s life lol) But that don’t mean you got a problem or you’re not good enough..

As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with you or your good deeds, but everything to do with them and their insecurities.. evil would not do evil to evil (Like poles repels and unlike poles attracts).

So my darling; Inhale the positives and exhale the Negatives, Appreciate those who appreciate you, Turn deaf ears to those who constantly look for people to blame misfortunes. Love yourself more everyday.. So your happiness can be full and you can have inner peace, which is all you need. You have a child.. You need to be and stay happy for him.. You’re raising a king sweetheart.. That should be your Focus and top priority..

Yes, I have really really bad times, I’m human.. But I never let it get the best of me, Instead I get on my knees and talk to God with so much faith and watch him come through for me as always.


I wish you all the best darling and my love to your lil man.