Wizkid reveals why there’s no picture of him and Drake online

Wizkid reveal why he has no picture with Drake

Wizkid has revealed why he doesn’t have a picture of him and US rapper, Drake together.

He came under scrutiny when he released videos of his hit song ‘closer’ which he featured Drake.

However, the rapper didn’t appear in both videos shot for the song leading to some form of embarrassment for Wizkid.

Situation got worse when Nigerian singer and producer, Tekno posted pictures of himself chilling in a studio with Drake and hinting at a possible collaboration.

Many interpreted it to me that Drake is probably having a misunderstanding with Wizzy, that’s why both men haven’t been seen together.

Wizkid reveals

Well, in a recent interview, Wizkid clarified the matter by stating that not having a picture of him and Drake doesn’t prove anything. He further mentioned that he chills and hangs with a lot of people that he doesn’t even talk about nor take pictures with.

He said:

“Do you know how many people i hang out with on a daily basis that i don’t post the pictures? Do you know how many people that i know that i talk to and nobody even knows we’re friends.. There’s a lot of them. I don’t really care about pictures or other stuff, I’m more of my work.

What does a picture have to prove? that we hangout or we chill? We do that so why should i have to post it. I’m not that kind of person, i’m more of the music and i care about my music, so just enjoy the music. That’s all i’m here to deliver to my people, Accept it”.

In the same interview, Wizkid revealed how he ended the rivalry between himself and his one time sworn enemy, Davido.

He made it known that Davido is his brother despite their battle of supremacy which began and ended in 2017

According to Wizkid, anyone who knows him recognizes the fact that he is a peace loving person who doesn’t have time to beef anybody.

“I just called him and we made it happen. It’s not a big deal. I just sent him a message. It’s all hype, that’s not real stuff”.