Wale Jana says ‘If your man doesn’t show you off like Davido, he is a suspect’

Nigerian entrepreneur, Wale Jana, has taken to Instagram to heap praises on singer, Davido for being a responsible dad.

He also revealed most men act like Davido when in love and if your man acts otherwise,he is a suspect.

Read his post below:


“Davido may have two baby mamas and his fair share of drama but I must commend him for being so mature at 26, we have never heard any of his baby mamas complain about not being taken care of; that’s a responsible man.

“I am convinced that one of your duties as a man is to change your wife’s status, she must never be better off without you, her life must change and your life too will change. GOD TREATS YOU THE WAY YOU TREAT YOUR WIFE!

“Nobody knew Davido and Chioma had been together for five years but the moment they got serious, her status changed!

“She got a Porsche and became a multi millionaire almost overnight.

“My point is this; when a man loves you, He will tell EVERYBODY and He will go out of his way to do special things for you.

“Madam if your husband is VERY ACTIVE on social media and your picture is not on his page he is a suspect.

“Some people say they keep their lives private but its in every man’s nature to show off the woman he loves especially if he is a social media person.

“Men don’t do secret love especially when the woman is busting their brain everyday so if he wants both of you to stay coded, he is a thief!

“If you are not married yet watch out for how he treats you, actions speak louder than words, he may not have a lot of money but if he tries to send you something from the little he has, he is a good man but if he is giving excuses with the little he has, he will make more excuses when big money comes.

May common sense shaku shaku you today in Jesus name ????

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