“Sex is holy,” — Actress Angel Christopher

Nollywood actress and scriptwriter, Angel Christopher, has called on Nigerians to stop associating sex to Satan.

According to her, it was God that created sex to be enjoyed by men and women, adding that sex is holy.

Angel, who has been criticized by many for presenting herself as a sex and relationship expert, added that the Bible has not given the directive for lovers to only engage in the missionary sex style alone.

She wrote on Instagram, “A lot of people don’t associate sex with God – they associate it with Satan and darkness, as if sex is not holy. What they need to understand is that God created man and woman and he made sex to be enjoyed by them.

“The Bible is explicit when it comes to sex. S*x is holy within marriage, and there is no prescribed style. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the missionary position is the only s*xual style.

“Not discussing s*x in a marriage is a bad thing. Women, wake up from your slumber, if he’s not doing the styles with you, he’s definitely doing it with someone else, gone are those days when they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, now, the way to a man’s heart is how you respect and satisfy him in bed. Men love s*x.”