Nigerians are a wicked, deceitful, manipulative, religious bunch of people — Singer Waje

Earlier this morning, singer and mother of one, Waje took to the gram to rant about Nigerians who go on people’s social media to type rubbish, negative and hurtful comments.

Waje noted that Nigerians in general are deceitful, manipulative, wicked and a religious bunch of unscrupulous element.

She wrote: “Maybe we as Nigerians deserve the insults we get from the rest of the world. We are a deceitful, manipulative, wicked, religious bunch. May God help us. I read comments and wonder if these are human beings or fallen angels (demons will be harsh).”

“May the day you want to be celebrated not be the day you will be cursed cause of seeds you have sown. Afterall is just comment abi?”