Former Miss Pepeye of “Papa Ajasco” reveal reasons why she quit the role

Bolatito Sowunmi, who played the role of Miss Pepeye in the comedy series “Papa Ajasco” for over 8 years has once again reiterated why she left the comedy series at a time she did.

In the interview with City People, the actress talked about her experience and why she left the role, she stated that she was in her comfort zone, not moving forward and challenging herself.

See excerpts below:

You played a major role in the comedy series, how was the experience like?

It was awesome and I appreciate every journey by playing the role of Miss Pepeye because it actually brought me to limelight. I didn’t know I have that much of a talent until I started playing Miss Pepeye because I had played some roles in my secondary school drama club and all but as at then.

I was studying law so I didn’t see myself as a real actor. Though I know I had something inside of me but when I started playing Miss Pepeye, I discovered that oh, I am a package and I have so much to give the world so Miss Pepeye role actually opened my eyes to see a lot of things I have inside of me. It was really a wonderful time there.

Was it that you left the role or your time ended as Miss Pepeye in the sitcom?

There is no time ending, no stipulated time you can play the role so it is not as if I was in a contract that has a duration. As long as I am available to play the role, I play it on other interviews that I have granted I said ther reason why I had to leave, I think I played the role for over 8 years. It is more about me I didn’t have any problem with the people, I just woke up one day and I was like I think you are in your comfort zone bola you need to move forward as long you are here and you know that you already have a fixed role.

I was not moving forward, I was not challenging myself, the role does not even challenge me any more. I can play Pepeye even in my sleep, so I needed something that will really really challenge me and I needed to go into the Nollywood industry. It was not as if I had a contract stopping me from going into the industry fully while I am playing Pepeye but it is more about me.

I noticed playing the role kind of did not push me forward to do other things so I told myself okay the only way you can move is to leave the good in your hand so as to get the best. So I decided to drop it besides let me give another person the opportunity to pay the role. I have been playing it for a long time now and if you remove 8 years from my age. I think I have put in a lot in it.

There is somebody out there too that needs the chance so I should not go and be the godmother of Miss Pepeye for ever now (laughs) so that is basically what actually happened. When I decided, I called my boss and explained to him, apart from that I was travelling a lot at that time so I was like it will be very incompetent when the call me for location and I am not available and I didn’t want to be like that. I explained to him and he was happy about it and okay with it, I don’t know about happy but I know he was okay with it and there was a consensus and I left.

What have you been up to since you left the popular role?

Okay a lot have been going on, I have actually been into Nollywood proper, been working, I have some films that I have featured in and a lot of them will be coming out this 2018. So watch out (laughs). I have been grooming myself for the bigger screen and then it’s basically Nollywood. I am also an entrepreneur I have other things I do but the actual thing about me is acting and that is what I am doing.