#BBNaija: “You lied about my sister’s late boyfriend and his dad” – Nigerian Lawyer slams Cee-C

Nigerian lawyer blasts Cee-C

Controversial Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-C is in the news yet again for another round of controversy trailing her.

A Nigerian lawyer has outed her on social media following a discussion she had recently with her fellow housemates.

While discussing with housemates, Khloe and Anto, Cee-C told the story of a guy she said was her best friend who had a relationship with a girl she did’t approve of cause the girl was all over the guy and was asking him to do stuffs against Cee-C.

Cee-C said because of this, she prayed their relationship would spoil and it did, it’s only that the guy had to lose his life for them to part ways.

According to Cee-C, the guy was the only child of his parents and so after his death, his father couldn’t bear the trauma and so he lost his life too.

A Nigerian lawyer who claims to be the sister of the lady that was dating Cee-C’s best friend, has now come out to counter her sayings and claim that Cee-C’s story is a false version.

She wrote:

And today people sent me a video that i said i must comment on because some people can just decide to lie just to contribute to gist.

First of all, CYNTHIA NWADIORA(ceecee), Etape Emmanuel(keep resting in peace my friend) was never your friend talk more of your best friend, he was just a guy you wanted to get to love you by all cost but he made it clear to you that his heart belongs to someone else( d girl u claimed he started to date, she is my sister and i know how you knw gree d poor boy rest cos your body dey always pepper you anytime you see dem) and you and your clique of gossips(you know your selves make una come defend her i dey wait) decided to die on top her matter jus because Etape stood his ground on wat he wanted.

I wouldn’t know why you decided to lie about the dead on live television, come geh! Wat do u really stand to gain.

Secondly, etape’s dad did not die 2 months after he died bt many years after d incident and it has nothing to do with the death of his son.

Am not surprised wen you said you prayed for the relationship to end because i have always known you as a bitter geh and i knew how you want to tear your eyelashes cos of him.

Pls next tym you want to lie just to get cheap fame, i guess you should look for something else.

And for all ds jobless bloggers carrying stupid rumour hear it now! Cynthia Nwadiora did not cause the death of Etape, he died cos d almighty called him to rest.

God help any idiot that want to comment rubbish on ma wall, d thunder that will fire you is still inside micro wave. AM WAITING!!!!!