#BBNaija: Feeling rejected by Anto, Lolu spent the night in the bathtub

Ever since Anto returned to the House, things have not been the same between her and Lolu. To the contrary, their bond seemed to have gone down the drain.

While Lolu was elated by her return at first, Anto’s time out of the House had brought new facts about Lolu that as much as one may try, she could not unlearn.

She’s Back

Earlier in the game, Lolu and Anto formed a wonderful pair only equalled by their combined smarts that frankly scared their Housemates at times.

Over time, their on-screen chemistry was unavoidable as was what seemed to be a mutual appreciation.

They laughed and jabbed and most particularly saw eye-to-eye in everything.

When Anto was Evicted, Lolu was inevitably shaken and opened up to Tobi who seemed to share his sorrow as they bonded over the loss of a valued Housemate.

What Lolu didn’t know at the time was that Tobi may have been nurturing deeper than melancholic feelings for Anto.

False Hope

So when Biggie brought Anto back to the House, unbeknownst to both guys, Anto had come back determined to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with everyone.

After warm embraces, and having lent her listening ear to his lyrical apologies, she gave Lolu the coldest shoulder ever.

This didn’t escape to Tobi who used the opportunity to get closer to Anto.

Lolu told Alex that he was pained by Anto saying he used her emotionally.

He said his conversation with Anto hadn’t gone well and she was using unsuspecting Tobi as a pawn to make him uncomfortable.

A Sorry Man

Yet Lolu acknowledged his responsibility for doing her wrong and admitted he couldn’t dictate how she should feel.

But seeing Anto sleeping with Tobi was more than he could take, and he chose to spend the night in the bathtub to avoid their sight.

For Lolu it was hard enough dealing with Anto in the House and not being on good terms with her.

All he could hope for was for things to get better between them. But will they ever be the same?

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