#BBNaija: BamBam wins head of house

Female Housemate, BamBam has emerged as the new head of house, for the 6th week, beating Alex, Leo and Tobi in a game they all competed in, today.

As a result, BamBam will now be immune from been nominated for eviction this week, and she’d have the power to save a pair up for nomination.

BamBam picked her partner, Rico Swavey to enjoy the luxury suite alongside her.

She was indeed geared up and ready to fight tooth and nail for the coveted Head of House title.

BamBam wins head

Last night we saw Ahneeka and Angel leave the Big Brother House as they received the least number of votes from viewers against Ceelo and Lifu.

When Ebuka asked them if they had any idea who nominated them, Ahneeka’s response was ‘everyone’ and that she had told Angel so.

BamBam wins head
BBNaija’s Ahneeka and Angel

Surprisingly or not so, their departure seems to have been forgotten by the remaining Housemates.

Unlike the previous eviction where we saw uncontrollable tears, this time there was none of that. The Housemates continued with their business as if nothing happened.

Isolated Themselves Much?

Looking back at their stay in the House, the pair has, on a number of occasions isolated themselves from the rest of the Housemates, Anheeka notably.

Even though Angel was visible and engaged with others [more especially when he still had his guitar] he mostly spent his time with Ahneeka, more so when they got to be strategic partners.

For someone who constantly pursued Ahneeka in the House, Rico Swavey took time to reminisce and explain to Miracle and Nina what her relationship with Anheeka was. He added that Ahneeka made it clear that she chose Angel, and even though he liked her, he knew where he stood in that triangle.

As life continues in the Big Brother House we can only be sure they both left with their tell-it like-it is personalities. And even though their void seem to be filled already, many are left heart broken by their departure.

What started as a strategic pairing between Alex and Leo slowly grew into a budding romance, the plot thickens each day and many are concerned that she will end up with a broken heart.

Little Finger

Just like the prolific character in Game of Thrones, Leo posesses many qualities of the rather manipulative on screen sensation. He defnitely knows how to manipulate and play people to his advantage and that is why many of the Housemates feel that his realtionship or “friendship” as he likes to call it is dangerous. Leo is a businessman so he knows what to say to people to get what he wants and orchestrate situations to his advantage.

Opposites Attract

On the flip side, Alex is a very sensitive soul, and is known in the House for her crying and getting down over what seem like small things. She is young and naive and also kind at heart so it is no wonder that she would very easilly get swayed by the charming affections of someone like Leo. His actions towards her are always gracious and loving but as each day passes, it is evident that Alex’s feelings are growing strong. She always wants to be around him, she is constantly doting on him acting very much like they are in a romantic relationship.

Behind Closed Doors

The reality is that all of this is extremely confusing because as soon as Leo gets into the Diary room, he always talks to Biggie about how he has someone outside the House, he reiterates that him and Alex are “just friends” and that the whole situation is under control. This is clearly not what Alex thinksat all because even though he has said it to her, his actions and his words do not meet up. Saturday’s Diary Sessions revealed that almost all the Housemates think that Alex’s affections for Leo are real but his are just a part of the game.

Is Leo realy the only one at fault here, or are they both just playing with fire?